Friday, 30 November 2007

Its been a while hasnt it...

Well as you can tell I'm the kind of person who forget anything that isnt in my this blog has been kinda neglected, so if you see me in SL give me a jolt rofl.
Loads have things have been happening though both rl and sl.
RL i have taken to volunteering at the CAB an advice place for you weird people out there who dont live in the UK. Its great fun and I am hoping it leads to some form of work somewhere for me. Hmm what else have I been doing - Oh i guess xmas shopping can be kinda mentioned now - dont slap me too hard its almost december.
Well Sl, not been fishing for ages! I guess I should get to it soon and keep that little ditty thing up. Gonna plan a party soon, just cos I love dancing and boogying and invite all me mates and their mates and their mates mates, ahh well you know what I mean. Ohhh have to mention the big rink we have at our land hahah quick plug adagio furniture ;) well we have snow and a rink and omg we have a house again! i only wanted it for the xmas tree to put all celtys pressies under on xmas morning hahaha.... i think i have amused celty quite alot with the house, i got very excited and put in an office too lolol and even bought an answer phone! so if u wanna leave me a message go to my home urmm at adagio furniture hahaha and go upstairs and leave me a ikkle message- LOL i know celty has already pointed out its like an IM hahaha yeah but i love gadgets and like i say i got a bit too excited, like i say i think its amused him highly.
why is it even though i havent wrote anything for ages, i never know what to write....i guess i need to get out more eh.
Talking of getting out a mate of my (hey syd) gave me the LM to a sim with an exact copy of the are where JFK was shot. We went to look at it, and celty did a running commentary for me on all the theories and stuff it was really fasinating then sad as i am i studied the home video that was made while he got shot, hmm anyway fasinating stuff.
cant think of much else to write atm, but I will try to get here more often and update for ya'll singing off for now hugsss


Seán Pádraig Mac Fhlannchaidh said...

Well it's about time, Jamie! :)

Karl said...

hey, good to see you've got a blog. PS: you've been tagged

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