Thursday, 27 September 2007

Sad Time

Well I have had a rough few weeks, hence the lack of blogging.
We "our family" have been waiting on news of my aunty who has been in hospital for a week after having a massive stroke, she died this morning. She was so special to me, I found her always full of kindness and ability to show love and care for others, now shes in heaven with my uncle and my nan, two other very special people in my life. The memories I have from my childhood will always be happy and special memories around these 3 people and the summer holidays spent with them almost every year as a child will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Aunty Evelyn I love you.


Kaj said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear about your loss Jamie but I'm glad you have many positive memeories of her, those will get you through the hard times ahead. *hugs*

Gabe said...

Jamie- I know you have been talking about your Aunt and how close you were - I am so sorry to hear about her death. Your SL family is with you in your mourning. We love you Jamie. Kisses and Huggss - your friend Gabe

Seán Pádraig Mac Fhlannchaidh said...

So sorry about your Auntie, Jamie. *huggs* from Ryan and me.