Friday, 28 September 2007

A new day

Good morning to any readers I may have hehe, I have found this fantastic thing in SL, its would you belive! haha.
Its just fantastic, I loved fishing real life when I was younger so to be able to do continue this brilliant way to procrastinate in SL is just a bonus. Theres events called tourneys, where the person with the most points wins, and you get to catch the most weirdest fish...I mean only in SL eh. So if anyone needs any high prim-full, colourful weird looking octopuses etc well I'm your man LOL. I have plenty to give away!. Another brilliant thing about it is I have met so many wonderful new friends through it thats always a bonus. My boyfriend/lover/bestfriend Celty is also fishing with me we did a tourney last night together and it was fun, hey we both kinda end up near the bottom LOL but I love it! just need to build that rod up to its full potential ;).
Speaking of Celty I just need to say a bit about him, I think this is the first time hes come into this blog, hes a special part of my life and I adore him beyond belief. We have been through some rough times over the year and a bit we have been together and I am so grateful we are still in that speical place in each others heart. Its nice to wake up each morning and know you are loved by someone and to just let yourself be loved in that special way and trust in them and return the love to them. On that note have to sign off as I have a customer iming in SL. hugss

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Seán Pádraig Mac Fhlannchaidh said...

Jamie! You've got a blog, for feck's sake!! :)

Jaysis, you never know who'll crawl out from under a rock and stumble in here, willya? Now that I've randomly wandered in here, I'll have to link you from mine, which at the moment is mindbogglingly boring, being so far only a repository for my DJ playlists.

I haven't seen you or Celty in ages. *spank*spank* Time to catch up! Seeya inworld ...